Farewell Florida! Hello North Carolina!

WOW!  What a summer and start to the fall!  Phil received a transfer with his company in late June.  And they gave us only 6 weeks to get everyone moved- OH NO!  Having to find a house, do inspections, pack and move a house of 8 (4 human and 4 fuzzy) AND the fabric shop was quite a daunting task!  Thanks to some awesome helpers (Kim and Megan) on our Facebook group Sew It Seams keeping things going; and some awesome in person friends that helped us pack, we were able to get everything done in time.  Then we have our AMAZING customers to thank for sticking with us as we packed, traveled and moved.

We are so happy to be in NC!  We couldn't have come at a better time either.  It's been so exciting to see the leaves change and we sure have enjoying the cooler weather!  The beautiful scenery is beyond amazing, we LOVE being up here in the mountains.  I find something really inspiring about them.  

We went ahead and took up homeschooling for our youngest.  He was in a charter school last year, but with the move we felt it would ease his transition to be homeschooled this year.  So along with a new city, state, and house we had to make some family changes.  WOW, it was a lot to take it all in, but thankfully we're finally all settled into a real and full routine. 

It did take us a bit loner than we expected to get everything set up the way we wanted, but the new sewing and fabric studios are awesome.  Lots of pictures to post of the new studio.  I'm so happy with how it came together.  

Since we were updating everything else about our lives, we decided it was time to give Once Upon a Yard a facelift.  So we are updating the website!  Please bear with us as we finish this up over the coming weeks.  We expect a lot of really awesome things to come in the New Year though!

Thank you for being a loyal fan.  If you have any questions feel free to ask!